Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Oh ’The Hallmark Controversy!’ I have been avoiding you!  I do have a few things to say. Ellen Degeneres says, “Isn’t it near 2020, Please explain!” And Yes Ellen is right on one thing it is near 2020 and in order for people “companies” not to get rocked by the world your gonna need to find your foundation and stick to it even when the earthquake comes. What is your foundation? Figure it out real fast because it’s gonna get impossible to play both sides!

Hallmark apparently has no foundation they first apologize for airing the ad because of critics but than when the other side of the argument got LOUDER they caved and now airing! Why!??? Because it is clear HALLMARK is more concerned about its partners and MONEY rather than your moral codes.

I believe as an, Evangelistic Activist,  I have always tried very very hard to be graceful with this topic. As a Christian woman it is not in my belief system and in laying “my foundation” “not getting rocked” it is not what I want to promote to my children so yes we will in fact be dropping the channel.

And Yes I have gay friends (that I love) that respect my decision to do so!

With this said I had a woman that worked for me when she was 16. She is now 23. She would only come at me on my page when I shared about this topic. God knows I have shared many good topics but she wouldn’t focus on any of the good I did only on this one topic would she come out of the woodwork on my wall. I would work so hard to be graceful In sharing why the Bible and yes “GOD” NOT me does not condone same sex marriage but she would always end up saying things like  I’ve hurt her and I feel sorry for your daughter and pretty much bully me into her belief system (working to rock me). I ended up asking her if we could part ways because it just hurt and it would not stop! I would be graceful but in that situation. I also started to feel jabbed at and almost forced to defend my ground. 😢

Yes Ellen Degeneres even in 2020 people are still allowed to have their own moral compasses, belief systems and share about them if the spirit gives them energy to do so! And Yes Ellen even if Hallmark got wishy washy do to the threats it does not mean everyone is called to cave on this very sensitive and challenging biblical topic!

💜 - Evangelist Lea Michelle Johnson

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin." 1 John 1:7

What if I were to tell you God has given you an amazing gift. A power! That power is free will! What if I were to tell you you are an important piece to the kingdom. A valued micro chip in a sense. Stay with me here! Each one of us has the ability “free will” to download information into our hearts, into our minds and into our souls! These downloads will either be used to further The Kingdom or won’t be! You are of great value but what are you choosing to download? These decisions that you are making are huge. They will click into the greatest hard drive of all. They will be used to further God’s plans for us and His kingdom.

With ‘Free Will’ you get to decide what to place into your download. Into your ‘chip.’ God is very specific on what he wants you to be drawn to and those fruits of the spirit, The Knowledge is shared in a resource called, The Bible! With ‘Free Will’ there are some that will choose to deny this resource and therefore deny God. You see when you deny the PROPHESY laced into the Old and New Testament that Jesus (Yeshua) came back to fulfill and yes share than you are denying God. This is the greatest sin of all. This is an unforgivable sin called blasphemy! God did not have to come back for us but He did! He came back for all His children because no matter the secrets or lies inside our deceptive hearts - He loves us anyway! 💜

God gave us free will to absorb the good news or reject it!

Yet there is more. With this CHIP (these downloads) we do have the ‘Free Will’ to create without Jesus but  then the “chip” will have no value to the kingdom because of the glitches. They will have viruses. This is why these downloads will be destroyed. With Jesus forgiveness the downloads we do make will be edited before getting to heaven. The chip will be cleansed. He will actually go into our download and edit out all the mistakes and cleanse away all the possible viruses looming.

Here’s the truth - GOD will not go into your work (your download) and help you edit unless you ask Him into your life to help you cleanse away all the glitches! And Yes.....We ALL have glitches!

The Challenge:
Will you let God help you download valuable material for His  kingdom or will you ask Him to keep out of your business? In the end what you absorb here is solely up to you!

- Evangelist Lea Michelle Johnson

Sunday, September 15, 2019


“And then there will be times when God gives you exactly what you asked for, in order to show you what you actually do not want,  so that you can finally see what He knows your heart truly needs.”

                     - Evangelist Lea Michelle

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Reference Jeremiah 29:13

I’m up wide awake so I thought I’d share something special. I’ve been in and out of sleep lately. Just been resting my broken foot 😫 and recovering from a terrible cold 🤧. As I woke up around 2 am I felt a deep urgency to pray! It felt almost urgent! I did something I rarely do, because I don’t want to test my Lord but I felt compelled to plead with Him to come closer and reveal Himself! As I looked up on the wall I saw a lighted cross shape reflecting from the window adjacent! To be honest I thought “That’s nice Lord but I was hoping for more.” I was guess I was hoping for an angel to visit or something but I never got any of that and fell back to sleep.

I woke up an hour later with my head filled with HOPE. You see I’ve been praying so hard lately on where God wants me to move with this ministry He gifted unto us for such time as this! Many times I fear I’m disappointing Him. I get overwhelmed and I feel so behind. I’m always my worst critic and I cannot stand feeling rushed, which is my own fault! So I’ve been begging Him to help me clear the clutter, so to speak, so I have a clearer picture of where He is calling me/us to go! I truly felt Him pour a message into me! You better believe I got up and took notes! And this my friends is how the Lord reveals Himself when you seek Him with all your heart!

                                                  -    Evangelist Lea Michelle

Saturday, August 31, 2019

An open letter to my Grandma Weaver:

Dear Grandma Weaver,

I asked my sister Jessica recently who lives by you how old you are and she said 90! First of all I want to say Happy Birthday! For some reason my soul said ask and I  knew it was a SPECIAL Birthday to celebrate recently!!!

I just want you to know that I miss you! I wish I had a better relationship with you but for some reason the world always kept us at great distance!....  Which always confused me... I was watching a show recently and the grandma was so close to the grand child. I’ll be honest it made me feel sad because I wish I was close to my 90 year old grandmother who is still walking (driving 😄) and blessing this earth!!

I know you do not fully accept or understand my radical all in Evangelical Life Style but...  just so you know I will always love and miss you! If you want me to come visit I’ll be there but I have felt you want to keep me at a distance! Not sure what is true!? This is my heartbeat and effort to reach you! ❤️

- Although I am constantly advised not to reveal my Christian status....
- Love me or hate me this is WHO I AM!....

                             - Evangelist Lea Michelle

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Letters to God - Year 3

Our pet bird died tonight from a broken neck because he flew into a window. The same week I broke my foot! So it’s left me in deep thought tonight. What is God trying to tell me...  I think I need to slow down and spend more time with Him! I’ve been feeling kinda lonely lately as I just have to lay down and rest a lot. I told God I needed Him to show up today. A nice lady from our church brought us dinner. We talked and then she held my hands and prayed over me. I felt the spirit of God  answer my request for the day and it created tears of joy which swelled out of my eyeballs. There has been people in my past which may say Michelle likes the attention, well guess what I’ll admit to it. Yes, I feel most loved by God when others show love, kindness and care for me when I’m not at my bes! I see and feel God through people so you bet I I love when He is attentive to answering my prayers. He always shines through for me!

Thank you Jesus for being attentive to my needs today! Tomorrow’s a new day and I’m never giving up on trusting you even through these unforeseen gloomy clouds!


Lea Michelle

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

And I’m back 😀😀😀
Year 3 - Day 1 
  • Slow to anger - 
Slow to anger James 1:19

I’ve been having some strange days. Almost to a point I just know I’m called to start writing again. Writing helps me process these things and in the process I know can help others. Ive seen it! 
I went to the mall today. There were two pedestrian walks close together. The first one I stopped at and the second one had no sign so I paused at it. In my pausing / gliding 😇  there was a couple crossing. The woman looked upon my dark blue Dodge Durango as if it was an intruder. She proceeded to angrily come toward my car throw her middle finger up straight at me. I felt a little shocked because well it all happened so suddenly and I never ever want to hurt anyone! That’s the truth!! 
I rolled down the passenger side window and gave her a look like what was that about? She proceeded to come toward my car throwing her middle finger up at me again. The Holy Spirit kept me slow to anger but I absolutely had a desire to resolve this crazy hot mess! I pulled the car over in the intersection, yup! opened the door and got out. As I walked around the car I tried to calm her. I tried to say listen it’s all okay. I tried to well be like Jesus like we are told to do! Calm, collected and trying to resolve the issue but she didn’t see it that way. She screamed, “Security!”  I was just so shocked by the whole thing I got back into my car to get out of the intersection. But God made me bold and courageous and I went back! 😃The lady said, “There she is!!!” I explained my case and ended up making friends with the security guard. Even got her number just in case I’m wrongfully accused! Later in the day I looked into a mirror and remembered my daughter had put this crown on my head at the dentist before heading to the mall! So when I approached the lady in my  kid tiara she was frightened! The security cop said she was scared of me when I swear all I was trying to do was calm her down and tell her Jesus loves you! #thiscrazylife

The Challenge: 
Be slow to anger always!!!!